Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition

We’re so excited for you to explore the world of Pangea where you can use your creativity and ingenuity to complete educational challenges in the world of Minecraft: Education Edition.

With 4-weeks worth of self-directed challenges, you will be able to explore and learn at your own pace while engaging in literacy, math, and coding skills. Pangea’s challenges are designed to be repeatable, so you can start over upon completion and tackle each one in a new way!

Michigan Virtual

getting started

Step #1: Install Minecraft: Education Edition

If you haven’t done this step yet, follow these instructions. Already have Minecraft: Education Edition installed? Click here to skip to Step #2.

  1. Visit the Get Minecraft: Education Edition page to download the version of Minecraft: Education Edition that is appropriate for the computer or iPad that you will be using throughout camp. NOTE: You do not need the classroom mode or the code connection.
  2. Download and install the file, following Microsoft’s instructions throughout the installation process.
  3. Log in by entering the username and password provided in your registration email. If you receive a message saying, “This account is not eligible to use Minecraft: Education Edition,” please try again by clicking “Sign in with a different account” and entering the same login information a second time. It can be a little bit finicky!


If you have issues with downloading or installing Minecraft: Education Edition, please visit Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition support site. Installation specific support is available on their Windows installation page and their Mac installation page.

Minecraft Controls (iOS / Touch Device)

Did you know? Some newer iOS devices allow you to connect an Xbox or Playstation controller using bluetooth to play and control Minecraft.

Minecraft Controls (Keyboard & Mouse)

This cheat sheet gives you quick access to the mouse and keyboard controls to use within Minecraft.

Crafting in Minecraft (Recipes)

This website gives you the list of ingredients/items and instructions you need to craft objects in Minecraft.

Accessing Downloaded Worlds

This video shows you how to access worlds using Minecraft: Education Edition, via the library within Minecraft, or by downloading.

The Ultimate Player's Guide to Minecraft

This 77 page guide takes you extensively through Minecraft.

Note: Not all features mentioned will apply to Minecraft: Education Edition, and some newer functionality may have been added since this guide was released.

The Book & Quill

Use the book and quill item to create a book of adventures with photos through this video.

getting started

Step #2: Choose Your Game Mode

To get started, you will first need to download our custom Minecraft summer camp world. There are two versions of the world from which to choose — one in “creative mode” and another in “survival mode” — so consider which option will be best for your student:

Note: You must sign into the Microsoft account sent to you upon purchase to download the Minecraft worlds.

Creative Mode

Creative mode is a great option for younger students or those who are inexperienced with Minecraft. This game mode is less restrictive and does not require students to “mine” or “craft” their materials before building structures in-game. The focus of this game mode is on building, which means that students can freely build in the game without having to first collect all of the required materials. Essentially, they will have unlimited resources for building available at their fingertips. 

Note: The mode will automatically switch to “adventure mode” when you are near the welcome center and near counselors at each challenge. This is done to prevent accidental destruction of instructional elements.

Survival Mode

Survival mode offers a more challenging version of this online summer camp, which may suit older students or those more experienced with Minecraft. In this game mode, players must “mine” and “craft” the materials required for building in-game structures, while also maintaining their avatar’s health and nourishment. This means that in order to complete each educational challenge, they will first need to explore the world and harvest all the materials necessary for building structures while finding food and avoiding injury.

Note: The mode will automatically switch to “adventure mode” when you are near the welcome center and near counselors at each challenge. This is done to prevent accidental destruction of instructional elements.

What If I Change My Mind?

If your child begins survival mode and decides it’s too difficult — or, alternatively, begins creative mode and decides it’s not challenging enough — then you may return to this page and download the other version. Upon purchase, you gain access to both game modes until December 31, 2020.

The only downside of switching game modes part-way through camp is that your student’s progress will not be transferred between creative and survival mode as they are housed in two separate files. While their previous creations will still be accessible in the original file, they will begin with a fresh slate upon downloading and launching the alternative game mode.

getting started

Step #3: Import & Launch Your World

Once you’ve downloaded our custom summer camp world in either Creative or Survival Mode above, follow the instructions in this YouTube video to import and launch your world!

Now you’re ready to get started! Once you launch the world, you will find more information on how to get started on educational challenges at the in-game welcome center.

getting started

Need Help?

Need help downloading or installing Minecraft Education Edition?

Forget your password or username?

Please contact Customer Care at Michigan Virtual.

Have a question about our summer camp or the custom world?

You can reach us by email at [email protected].

Other Useful Resources

Taking Screenshots & Recording Your Screen

This website gives you the list of ingredients/items and instructions you need to craft objects in Minecraft.

Download Additional Worlds and Challenges

This video shows you how to import and launch additional worlds and challenges within Minecraft: Education Edition. You can find additional freely available worlds and challenges on the Minecraft: Education Edition website.

Tips to Improving your Builds in Minecraft

Pick Block in Minecraft

This video shows you how to use the ‘pick block’ control in Minecraft to quickly select any item in Minecraft that you’re looking at/targeting.

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